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 1-1-2019 - Moonfire Pottery is not taking any orders

About Us

Claire Established Moonfire Pottery in 1980. Claire and Bill met in 1988 and soon after, Bill joined Claire to make what Moonfire Pottery is today. Moonfire Pottery is a creative process always moving forward in design, form and function.  Our functional pottery includes platters, assorted bowls, casseroles, dishes, mugs, cat dishes and more. 

We live and make our pottery in Eugene. Oregon. We can be found at Eugene's Saturday Market and Holiday Market. Our work is also found in gift shops, galleries, art shows and on online. 

As a child, I was always drawn to the world of art. I loved to draw and paint through out my school years. In high school and college, my favorite classes were the pottery classes and I changed my art major to a ceramics major.

When Bill came to Moonfire Pottery over 20 years ago, he took over wheel throwing all the pottery forms. He allowed me to go back to my roots as a fine artist. I now love hand painting all Bill’s pottery forms. I feel the challenge of painting a design appropriate to a 3 dimensional surface. As an artist, I want my work to be available to everyone and painting on functional pottery provides that artistic outlet. The designs of our pottery connects us with different people and places and this online store is another chance to share our  creative work.
Thank you for stopping by.

As a potter, the creation and transformation of a soft lump of clay into a beautiful, functional piece of pottery gives me great satisfaction. I choose to work in clay because of its utility, form and beauty. A well made pot expresses the artistic beauty and functionality that crosses time and cultures. It is accessible art for everyday use.  I make my pottery forms to be durable, comfortable and user friendly. I hope you enjoy my pottery forms for many years.